To do good in the world,
we have to understand
the complexities of
social problems.

Ballard Brief was founded on the belief that good research is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of the process of designing effective solutions to social issues.

Many people care deeply about doing good in the world, but do not have the time or resources to understand the complexities of social problems. We seek to curate useful academic research, professional experience, and other key perspectives on the nature of specific social issues. Additionally, we provide readers with information about the impactfulness of key practices being used to impact each specific issue.
Mission Statement
To arm changemakers with accurate and accessible information on social issues and their solutions.
Our goal is to be widely recognized as the best place to turn for learning about a wide range of social issues.
Based at Brigham Young University's Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance, Ballard Brief helps changemakers understand social issues and what is being done to solve them.
Right now, when someone is first learning about a social impact topics such as solar lanterns in the developing world they don't have good resources to help them quickly understand the key issues and top organizations in the space. The Ballard Brief is an online repository of articles designed to best introduce people to particular topics of social impact. Each briefing discusses the context of the problem and summarizes key practices and practitioners that deserve attention. Our goal is to be widely recognized as the best place to turn for learning about a wide range of social issues.
Our Main Principles Are

Editorial Team
Marissa started at BYU studying public health, but after almost two years living in Zambia and Malawi and changing her major 5 times, she realized that social innovation and community development are her main passions. She has spent the past two years as teaching assistant for BYU's Social Innovation class. Ultimately, she hopes to pursue a career in community development and urban design with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.
Marissa Getts
Porter is student at BYU studying Sociology and Non-Profit Management. He first became interested in social innovation after participating in a two year service mission for the LDS church. Since then, Porter has enjoyed learning about the principles of social innovation and human centered design in an effort to understand how to most effectively solve social problems. Porter loves to empower others by teaching them the principles he has learned so that they too can become change makers.
Porter Johnson
Managing Editor of Administration
William is studying strategy at BYU's Marriott School of Business and English editing in the College of Humanities. Ballard Brief combines two of his passions: writing and social innovation. In addition to his international experience (including a semester in the Middle East and a two-year stint in southern Chile), William is interested in "doing good in his own backyard." His areas of emphasis include recidivism, homelessness, and education in the United States. Following graduation, William will join Teach For America, teaching secondary math in Boston.
William Adams
Managing Copy Editor
Tinesha is an Honors student at BYU double majoring in sociology and French. Much of her research focuses on underprivileged populations; her Honors thesis focuses on half-Black women in the United States. Tinesha works to supplement her academic career with active civic engagement. She serves on several boards and committees, has run for office, and worked with domestic and foreign non-profits. She is passionate about finding and implementing sustainable solutions to solve social problems. She plans to attend law school and pursue a career working with vulnerable populations.
Tinesha Zandamela
Editor of Publication
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