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Although Malawi is technically a water-rich country, with about 20% of its area covered by surface water, many people lack access to clean water.

Marissa Getts
x 73

Illiteracy affects a person’s ability to fully participate in and contribute to the world around them. About 18% of the US adult population is functionally illiterate.

Chloe Haderlie, Alyssa Clark
x 28

Native American women in the United States who live on federal Native American reservations are disproportionately more likely to be victims of sexual violence than other groups living in the United States.

Chrystal Begay, Tinesha Zandamela
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The UN has officially stated that female genital cutting violates basic human rights. However, many communities continue to practice female genital cutting for social and cultural reasons.

Chloe Jensen
x 17

Refugees are particularly susceptible to mental illness because of the situations they are forced to flee and the uncertainty they face in new countries. Mental illnesses can keep refugees from living high-quality lives.

Chloe Jensen, Alyssa Clark
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In India, millions of women's lives are negatively impacted by sexual violence. A combination of gender, caste, and class discrimination combine to make marginalized women most likely to be affected by sexual violence.

Chloe Haderlie
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