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90% of deaf children are born into a family that speaks a language they cannot naturally acquire. If children do not receive frequent, accessible language before the age of 4, they may never achieve fluency in any language which can stunt cognitive development.

Mishonne Marks
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In the United States, 15.5 million children are living in poverty. Individuals who experience poverty as a child are more likely to experience poverty as adults as well.

Kara Reed
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Over 77% of children living in Cambodian orphanages have at least one living parent. The most common reason that parents send their children to live in institutions is because they do not have the money to provide for their material and educational needs.

Madison Coleman
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The high cost of schooling, inadequately trained teachers, family’s educational background, migration of parents to cities, and the economic inequality between the rural and urban areas all contribute to a lower caliber of education in rural provinces.

Mollie Bradley
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